Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rain rain ....

I hate feeling sick and nauseous, but it's a good test for this house: how sick and nauseous can I be and the house still function well?

How much personal energy is required?
So far there are no piles of laundry to fold. But our driveway is washing away- that is because it never got stabilized and the rains keep pouring- at least we got the retaining wall up. The rest of the yard is responding pretty well to the rain. We are getting lots of weeds with our grasses in our yard- and we are getting voluntary ground cover in my garden beds.

Stabalizing that driveway will be our next project - assuming that I am actually able to get out of bed this weekend- the compost bin will be put off another week- sigh

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You need some new pics here on the NARC :D
hope the weather allows for all the road work planned there tomorrow..
love ya lots