Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekened Wake

After a long hard weekend. I am ready for a funeral dirge to be played. Maybe amazing grace on the bagpipes, as I march in slow procession in the dim morning light to lay to rest all that remains of our weekend. It was a party weekend- that means that all the kids had to be dressed up and fancy food had to be made and brought to a party, where some poor, ignorant fool filled the kids up on all the candy they could eat- and then even sent some more home with them. I am not talking about a few pieces of organic lollipops either. I am talking about copious amounts of obviously dyed and corn syrup-ed, artificially flavored stuff that tastes so bad that parents don't even bother to snitch it.

This is what get swept up from my main floor. I had already removed the most of the clothing and toys. To make all you greenies feel better- the blue basket is a recycling basket for paper, and why my darling husband put the net flix papers in the trash instead I'll never know.This is what my laundry room looks like after a non-relaxing weekend with the kids. The nice thing is that after sorting through what is and isn't clean the machine was loaded and only 1 basket of special washables remained.

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