Saturday, August 2, 2008

changing businesses

I feel there is a glut of clothing in America. Most of us have closets full. So in a depressed economy one thing we will be fairly quick to cut back on is clothing consumption. And if we need to find clothing, we have a nice variety of hand me down and remaking and even homemade to turn to before we have to spend money. So I have decided that it is time to get out of the clothing business. Since, I personally do not see that the economy will recover for years, adn even then, I expect it to be in a different form when it does.

So I am going to focus my work in our local area and service a basic need, everyone has at least once in their life. I am going into the business of birth.

I plan to become a midwife and help empower women through their reproductive years. I plan to help bring "natural" as an encouraged option for all aspects of reproduction. I want to provide a service that is badly needed and missing in our small community. Right now there is no help here to have a baby. A women can't even get prenatal care without a 2 hours of driving for a 15 minute visit (and 30 minutes in the waiting room). The only option is Doctors and hospitals that are an hour's drive away. I don't know about you, but I feel the current offerings leave something to be desired.

Personally I feel a birth attendant should be more experienced then I, should be calm and be calming. Should trust in mother nature and birth as a natural experience. She should also have a nice bag of tricks up her sleeve to make labor more comfortable and also be able to prevent or deal with obstacles, when they arrive. She should be quiet and watchfully aware, but out of the way unless needed. She should also be local, and not a long way away. She should put the family's needs first and trust in the power and will of God.

So I have often measured if I can measure up to my own standard for a midwife... I am getting much closer. Because there are no local apprentice opportunities for this, schooling is the next step.


Paul said...

I like the path

Little Sis said...

have you also considered becoming a doula as well? I am absolutely insisting on a Doula for my next pregnancy and labor. Though technically it'll be my first labor.

Round Belly said...

The doula certificate is the beginning of the midwife schooling.
So I will be a practicing doula first... then a midwife.