Friday, October 31, 2008


I have been interested lately in having a cow, that I can pasture feed and get great, wholesome - unadulterated milk from for making into things like butter and yogurt. The butter I want is available in my state- it retails for $7/pound.

I also would like a few chickens- so I can have fresh eggs. The chickens will eat our bugs- especially our ticks and their eggs will be high in omega 3s because of it. And if I plan it right, they will be able to eat the fly larva that would normally grow in the cow dung.

But besides what I can get from my animals- it is the process of working with them hands on that appeals to me. Getting up at dawn, having to venture outside- and being swept away by the pink sunrise filtering through the winter trees. And then staying outside and breathing in the life of a new day, the crispness of the cooler air, the crunch of frost underneath my feet.

I will probably have a milking song. A song that I will sing that will help me express the swelling joy and gladness in my heart for being alive that day. A song of gratitude, glory and thankfulness- and one of humility and trust in the God that made that day.

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