Monday, June 29, 2009

Week's cover

Planted something: more tomatoes, cilantro, hayed my potatoes and herbs

Harvested Something: A few strawberries- tempted to do a bit of the cilantro- but wanted to wait for it to grow a touch first.

Ate the food: salad! local greens into salads.

Waste not: put old bananas into cookies

Want not/ prep and storage: went to the cities to pick up 14 buckets of organic grains for long term storage. And the requisite case of baking cocoa- someone has to make the birthday cakes even in tough times.

Preserved something: my sanity? Galen spent the week at autism camp.

Build community food systems: supported the local farmers at the farmers market.

Worked on house: learned to shade the west side from the afternoon and evening sun - keeps it cool enough to avoid turning on the AC.

Did with kids: art projects- we did collages, shadow pictures, ceramic painting and horse back riding. Ewan did a lemonade stand with his cousins.

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