Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The solution is simple.

1. Don’t bail out the car manufactoers- help them fail.
2. Make the production of new cars illegal.

If we avoid spending the money to build new cars- or bailing out companies that do. We not only save the bailout money, but we immediately increase the value of all cars on the market or in the driveways. We also create lots of jobs caring for cars.

We decrease the obesity rate- we make it harder not only to obtain calories, but also make exercise easier to get. The change will be slow at first, but more and more people will be forced to move their bodies to catch the bus and ride their bikes, until we have created a society that is used to traveling by other means then cars. This will also make “ice cream runs” and other small trip to gather meaningless calories harder to come by.

We also would be slowly preparing society to live with high oil costs (post oil). We would establish bike friendly parking, bike friendly driving lanes and also would start moving ourselves closer to our work and shopping.

Ideally outlawing making new cars would not only save us money, strengthen our bodies and prepare us for peak oil, we would also have to spend more time closer to home and maybe even get to know our neighbors. Maybe we could actually walk with them to the bus stop, chat, and even knock on each others door for a cup of flour- to save us from a trip to the store.

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