Friday, July 10, 2009

Week's cover

The garden is in awesome bloom (sorry don't have pic today). This week's rain and sun really let it loose, We have flowers or small fruits on many of our vines and tomatoes and the potato plants always need more hay!

Harvested Something: Some strawberries, basil.... other items just beginning to flower.

Waste Not:
I had children open several bottles of our maple syrup while in storage- so I learned how to save maple syrup that has mold growing on it. I also had to save some jams.

Prep/want not:
I have been researching sheep and we had a hitch added to our mini van. So we can take the bikes as a family.

Eat the Food:
We had some awesome frozen tomatoes in our chili, and also used some fresh picked basil in our pasta this week.

Dreams/ crazy ideas: We have been seriously planning on how to add sheep and chickens/roasters to our mix of life here. Meanwhile... my mind is all aflutter trying to figure out just how and when to move the kitchen into my living room .

Community Building/ local foods: I have volunteered to teach several food discussions (and fabric) discussions at the Local Eco Fair next week. The first is on the culture of baking, the other is on using pantry staples (and long term food storage) and then finally on to my favorite of reclaiming old clothing. I just love turning ripped pairs of pants into interesting things. One should never throw out a good piece of fabric.

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