Saturday, July 11, 2009

A garden Tour

This is one of our 4 rhubarb plants. It took me 4 years to plant rhubarb here because it took me that long to accept that there was none here. Every house in Minnesota has rhubarb plants... don't they?

Pic 2 here is our pasture land- perfect for grazing sheep.

Pic 3 is my wild herb bed. The herbs just go crazy and grow like weeds. I've used the same location in my garden for the herbs for the last 3 years- some of them are perennial and some are annuals- the lemon thyme came back strong this spring and just about took up the whole bed!

Pic 4 is one of my garden rows. I started with 6 raised beds ( 2 feet wide by 16 feet long) and this year we added 2 more and a row of potatoes in broken plastic totes. I put the potatoes in broken (for drainage) totes for easy of digging. When the tators are ready then I can literally dump out the whole tote and get my potatoes with little digging.

Pic 5 is my whole garden from the front view.

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