Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weeks' Review

It has been cold here- some days the highs were in the fifties or sixties, and we have had a lot of rain, but my plants are loving it- and our voluntary plants are too.

Harvest something: Lots of raspberries, early kale, rhubarb (from my father's garden), early herbs and the first tomato. Also I got cherries of my cherry tree this year- what a pleasant surprise!

Waste Not:
We ate all the leftovers from the Eco Square Fair (not on a stick) food booth. I even turned leftovers in to salsas and then salsas into chicken fajitas.

Prep/ want not: Went garage saleing and found a nice winter coat for Galen and always more Shanny supplies (some winter boots). I froze some blueberries and corn that was cooked on the cob (and now decobbed).

Eat the food:
We has an awesome week of eating. We ate lots of greek salads (with leftovers from the fair) and then turned some fresh picked tomatoes and basil into a rustic pizza to dye for. We have been using the sourdough bread information at this link and have had just incredible tastes each time. I so recommend you try it. And we have been feasting (almost nightly) on fresh picked wild raspberries. It didn't take my toddler long to figure out which ones were edible (the ones mother put in the bucket, of course).

Dreams/ crazy ideas: nothing new this week, except for a change in the type of sheep we are looking at. Now I am looking at shetland sheep. I have to admit , I am a fiber person and shetlands have great fiber (and small but delicious) chops.

Community building/ local foods: Well I taught 3 classes at the Eco Fair. The information from the food storage class has been posted on this blog. I have yet to post the information on my "Baking with bacteria class"- That is for an afternoon when I have nothing better to do then to scan all of my hand drawn flip charts into the computer to post them. And the class on recycling clothing was short but sweet.

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