Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We got our ARC. It is called the NARC (Newbold's Agricultural and Resilient Community) based home. ARC homes heat themselves (or nearly so) they have green houses, extensive gardens, are designed to be easy to live in small spaces, be sunlight all year long and able to withstand life without electricity.

Last September doors magically opened for us and we got the approval, got land with in walking distance of town (2.19 archers) and it has a beautiful southern exposure. To get it we had to give up our beautiful homestead 7 miles from town with it's 80 archers of forest. But we feel it brings us to a more secure future. Now we are just a 5 minute bike ride from family, friends and our local farmer's market.

Our new house got started in September and the foundations were laid before we even had a blue print to work from. The house design was done very carefully, incorporating everything I have had a desire to change in other houses I have lived in. The challenge was it all had to be in less space then my current 3 bedroom house. (did I tell you we have 6 kids?) But we managed to get a layout we were happy with, (even though, on rainy days, I really miss the gymnasium.)

My dear hubby even managed to wiggle himself into a paying job by building his own house. (Of course that means we will be paying it back via 30 year mortgage, but it was very useful to pay bills and buy groceries while building.)

The weather held for us and by January we spent every weekend painting and finishing floors and dealing with sealants and shelving and everything else you can imagine. Lots and lots of trips to the hardware store.

In February we were told we could move in in a few weeks. I started packing. In March we were told we could move in in just about another 2 weeks. I packed some more. In April we were told we could move in in just a few weeks. I made a to-do list of what had to be done on the NARC before we moved in. And in the middle of May we moved in.

We moved on a Saturday. We had babysitters for the kiddlets, but only 2 people came to help us haul our stuff. But we did it anyways. By 4pm we were eating pizzas in our new house. Then all the kids came back it was Saturday night bath time.

We had the glorious privilege of trying out our new 2 person soaker tub with the younger kids while the older ones took a shower. Then we found out the older ones couldn't take a shower. The hot water wasn't running to it. And after the younger kids bathed I walked into the entry way (under the bathroom) and found out the drain leaked like a sieve.

Ah- life in a brand new house is fun.

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