Wednesday, June 4, 2008

little feetsies

Guess what??
I managed to scrub 4 bathrooms in less in then 5 days. That is a pretty impressive number considering that we only have 3 bathrooms, and as a general rule, bathrooms should not need to be scrubbed more then once a week. But as it happens.... that general rule does not apply where my Ian lives.

Last night, after I painstakingly scrubbed my bathroom, he went to sit on the toilet and then take a bath. Well, that all sounds fine and dandy until Clay stepped onto his dirty diaper and clothes he happen to leave in the middle of the floor and then walk all around showing his family what he happened to get on his little feetsies. (yes, say that one out loud).

You probably don't even want to know what I had to clean 2 times in one day, just to keep that bathroom smelling nice (try all of it). Do you know, some days I really hate poop.

But anyways, my cleaning fest continues through the house. Today I attached the upstairs, and got 3/4 of it clean- walls, floors and bathrooms that hadn't seen an adult in weeks.

What is left on my list to deep scrub? The living room, Galen and Ewan's room, the office rooms... and then the inside of my house will have been deep scrubbed.... weather or not one can tell under the layers of clothes and toys and sand (that of course assumes it ever warms up enough to play outside).

Mike, meanwhile, has been adding shelfing everywhere. It helps to have places up high, out of everyday kid reach to put things. Even gravity has less effect when the kids aren't helping it.

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