Monday, June 2, 2008

The past week

Peak Oil is upon us. Soon the world will be set back to pre-oil times. Oil does a vast majority of our work for us, where will be when it runs out? Assuming our "civilization" doesn't kill itself off, we will be back to doing things with the sweat of our brow, and we will be doing it on a planet that is suffering from global warming. Our greatest asset will be the fact we have been a civilized society with a fair amount of knowledge and learning.
we become a unified society to take advantage of all that
knowledge and learning.

I don't have a set of criteria that I have sat down and wrote up to be tracked (other than hours a day doing what needs done). mainly I plan on doing the outside chores of getting the yard cleaned up and and continued maintenance of trees, grass, etc. Inside chores of fixing what needs fixing as it needs to be fixed, or when it is most prudent to fix it (replacing baseboards on floors that the kids have removed are not high priority fixes in my eyes). Assisting in household chores. I will continue to do my digital work as well.

The past week has been somewhat rough in perspective of weather, kids outside influences.
I had plans to mow our lawn this week, but rain and the lawn mower wandering off, put a damper on it.
Things accomplished this week:
-Monday: Dead trees along our drive chopped down, and then up. Gathering yard junk.
-Tuesday: A lot of yard junk I was able to haul away.
-Wednesday: A Bunk bed, my boys put through it's paces, was hauled to Brainerd and assembled to be used by family.
-Thursday: The bunk bed was Assembled.
-Friday: Due to a couple days being spent in Brainerd for cub scouts and the bed move, I spent some time doing some neglected chores, that would have been done otherwise, in the home.
-Saturday: Spent time in the garage, cleaning up cat poop, and generally just cleaning up the garage, especially the parking side was swept. Gathered garbage, that can be burnt into some boxes, to be used as kindling and fire starting.

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