Friday, June 6, 2008

TIme to Change the Rules

Every game has rules. With out rules there is no way to play. Changing the rules changes the game and allows for another way of playing. The fun thing about games is that there are many ways to play, many different sets of rules to play by. The only catch is that the game is most effective when those who are playing all play by the same set of rules at one time.

In life, there are many sets of rules and games we can play, but seldom do we all understand or play by the same rules.

Mike and I are changing our rules.... the object of our new game is to make our current land into an ARC, a resilient place to live and grow and prosper during the wild ride ahead for our culture and economy.

Those who live here do not march to the drummer's beat. We dance to the chirping of the crickets, and to the elegant undertones of the universe those who live with society's noise seldom has a chance to hear. We cheer with lightening and bask in the long strains of the evening sun.

Our children are unique. They win awards for hard work and out of the box thinking. Some of them even have unusual ways of going potty.... unusual ways of coping with stress and often very challenging ways of asserting themselves.

We believe the legacy we leave for our children is not in jewels or stuff or money, but it is the quality time we spend with them and the people we help them to become. We want them to be resilient, hard working, flexible and always asking questions of "how will my actions today affect my grandchildren tomorrow?"

We fully believe oil should be $11/ gallon and are preparing for the day when it is. We realize that home production in food, and textiles becomes more important with each cent added to the gas costs. We also know that nothing is more respected, revered and resourceful then those things you build for yourself.

So we will be building ourselves an ARC. May if ride the waves.

How do we pull it all off? That is the strategy yet to be figured out.

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