Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another hot week

It is August and in a last ditch attempt to get some green around here I seeded and watered and layed erosion mats. There are still more of those to lay.

The front lawn, of which we worked so hard to grow earlier this summer was destroyed when we brought the cat back to stabalize the driveway, take down the dirt piles and grade all the land to slope away from the house.

This week I am hoping to hay our grass seeds and lay some more erosion mats. Then i need to plant a tree or two to shade our yard. The planting will actually have to wAit until it is cooler outside, trees don't like to be planted when its so hot (not that I blame them).

I also need to move forward on our playset. Step 1: measure old sand box and match new location to size.
2. Prepare to and lay down weed barrier.
3. Build sand barrier
4. Have sand delivered and put in sand box
5. Move play set

Any idea on how fast we can get these done?

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