Friday, August 20, 2010

weekly update

Nice weather we are having, too bad I have no energy to be out in it. I did manage to straw the yard and am enjoying watching my grass come up. My garden is ready to be harvested. Monday I made homemade spaghetti sauce with mostly fresh from my garden foods.

We have hardly had to use our sprinkler, it has been raining most nights. The house (in the nooks that don't get enough fresh air) smells the same as the ground around here does after it rains. It makes me nauseous. Can't wait to get things growing!

On an interesting note, my poor rhubarb plants, that died and then got buried when we moved dirt around the back of the house sprang up.

I need to harvest my herbs this week, plan on how to use the young men to help me move the playground over, and generally just try to survive.

The playground's measurements and space allocation here don't seem to mesh as well as I was hoping, so we plan to move the playground first and then decide how to build the sandbox around it.

I have been using some of the giant zucchini plants, thrust into my arms, this week for zucchini bread/cake. It is really tasty. Meanwhile my family is having withdrawal symptoms from chocolate. My baby won't let me eat chocolate- or this zucchini would find homes in the world's best zucchini brownies and chocolate cake.

We still need to put up a compost bin. The house it self has had no particular challenges to it's self to overcome this week..... let's hope the weather is beautiful for a few more weeks :)

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