Tuesday, September 14, 2010

excuses, excuses

I am attempting to get the energy to move and do useful things each day besides that laundry. I have the laundry down to a science that it will run day and night with out stop even with out much energy input from me. This is useful because even on the days when all we eat around here are PB sandwhiches, at least we have clean clothes to eat them in.

I always have plans of what I want to do next. I want to seal the wood work in the master bathroom and organize the playground sandbox construction and organize all the clothes in Shannon's room (and Mike's too), but so far all I have been able to accomplish this week is to get the kids on the bus in the morning and organize my personal clothes. That is a start, half of my bedroom looks a lot better now.

I guess as far as excuses go, I have several. First of all I am pregnant, and growing babies take lots of work. Have you ever grown a human being? This baby is taking a little more energy then I remember the other ones doing, because ether my memory is getting faulty or I am getting older and should leave the baby having to the 20 something year olds.

And secondly, I have allergies this fall. Which is utterly bizarre, being that the only allergies I have ever had were in Utah, and when you are breathing for two and can't use your nose, it gets a lot tougher.

And thirdly my beautiful toddler has taken on allergies or a cold of her own and hasn't slept for nights. She is finally now asleep (thanks to a Tylenol and a benadryl)- so I should take this opportunity and try to catch up on mine.

On the positive side my husband finishes his semester this week and will have 3 weeks off of school before the next semster starts. I think I can talk him into building me a wall for my arctic entry and even a few shelves or two. I think the arctic entry is a very good priority for September. Because the next time he will have time to build something major it will be Christmas vacation. (and it could be cold by then)

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