Thursday, September 16, 2010

kissing energy assistance good bye

It felt nice to throw away the application for energy assistance today.

For 2 years that program saved our butts but helping us pay our whopping heating bills. Last year I got the application in early and received almost $2000 in aid. This of course did nothing to help us long term but just was a "bandaid" help. But bandaids are useful.

However, this year I happily threw it away. My house should no longer require high heating bills.
That is because we have the new house with 12" of insulation on each wall and every window is doubled windowed. We also have ground water in floor heating instead of propane forced air.

So we haven't even tried to heat this place. It has been on the 40s at night and we just close a few windows a little farther (most are still opened a crack). And by morning the house is toasty enough that you don't mind crawling out of bed. Body heat of 8 of us really does a sufficient job so far. If we start to get chilled I can bake something. That would heat us up too. (which is why I avoid baking in the summer).

Thank you energy assistance for all your help, but I am now free of fossil fuels in my house (if I pay for all wind electricity). Go help the cold heart-ed oil companies further by helping other cold people stay warm in under insulated houses.

Everyone should have an ARC.
ps- Paul, you need to use links about arcs on your site.

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