Thursday, September 9, 2010

need for pics

Pictures really help me tell a story, but I have yet to play with my computer enough to get picture capabilities on here... it is coming, as I may actually have a chance to deal with my computer now that the kids finally went back to school.

Anyways, to tell a story without pictures, last night we had the young men and young women (youth group) from our church come out and join us for an evening of work. The young men helped Mike put together the swing set. (not quite done yet, but much closer) and the young women planted a retaining wall full of shrubbery, lilacs and roses.

It is a amazing how much a swing set helps get kids outside. They begin to almost believe that there is something besides computer games that were designed to keep them entertained.

The swing set went in the front yard where all of our attempts to grow grass has failed this summer. It could be a very natural place for a sandbox. I am debated weather or not it is useful to put down a weed barrier where there has been no chance of growing anything yet.

The pictures are on facebook.

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