Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy boys are less work

The kids were home for a long weekend. I had to keep them busy so they wouldn't pick on each other and drive me insane. So I did.

Thursday I had them building a compost bin (about time, I hate throwing away things that my garden could use in a few years). We did this with some fence destined for the garbage at my parent's. Then I had the boys make wrapping paper for baby gifts we were giving that night.

On Friday I had the boys pulling dried remains of my garden to add carbon to my compost bin, I also had them organize our entry and closets and re-pot some herbs for our greenhouse this winter.

Overall I felt it was quite a successful in keeping the boys busy and getting a lot of little things done.

I learned the concept from the Book of Mormon in a story in which the army had to keep guard on hundreds of prisoners of war. They found out that if they kept them busy building fortifications (manual labor) then they were much easier to guard. The lesson seems to apply to children too.

Maybe I should grow a farm here. Then I could work on keeping the boys consistently busy :)

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