Monday, November 15, 2010

Corner of future possibilities

When ever one builds to the rectangular squares of modern architecture, you always end up with corners. and corners, when not properly thought out and planned tends to be a place where stuff gathers.

This is a picture of one such corner in my house. It is my kitchen gather corner. It has my baby pumpkins and squashes waiting for use in a dinner or desert. It also has pumpkin seeds in a small container that I am hoping to plant in the coming spring, and some empty containers.

Why empty containers? because I have deemed them of too much worth to throw away or recycle. The glass jars will be used again for canning, the #10 can will be filled again with food, and the vinegar bottles are a future wash station for a camping trip or other times with water is in short supply.

I guess this is the corner of future possibilities, all waiting for their time to get busy.

1 comment:

Paul said...

I know where a whole bunch of nice surplus pumpkins can be found, If you can make good use of them.