Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter wonderland

Taken from my green house window.

It is nice to see the snow come on time this year. It was amazing warm and beautiful right up until the snow. The bikes didn't get put away until Saturday morning, as the first snow started falling, but the hoses did manage to get put away in advance.

In the winter it is time for my garden and grounds to sleep, while I watch the wonderland and began pondering how best to make our sand lot turn into an Eden. How best to create a rich soil teaming with life, how best to keep the deer and other garden pests away in a safe and humane manner, how best to lay out the garden plots, the orchards, the solar clothes dryer.

Winter, when you can stare out at the scene your hands will be transforming can be trans-formative. My roots are aching to get back to the earth and be grounded, grounded while stretching forth towards the sunshine of heaven.

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